About us

40 Years In Business

Est. in 1982

Cremeria Vienna, a pioneer in fresh Italian ice cream of the day, also became the hangout of authentic fresh ice cream in Rethymnon.

In the workshop of Cremeria Vienna in Rethymno, ice cream is prepared daily from fresh milk and seasonal fruits of exceptional quality in a wide variety of flavors that are waiting for you to enjoy them.

Now you can taste it at home with your family or offer it to your friends thanks to the isothermal packaging that keeps it fresh and unchanged!

Freshness and variety of flavors

that surpasses any imagination…

Cremeria Vienna, a pioneer in fresh daily Italian ice cream, also came to our city. Produces and offers fresh ice cream every day based on authentic Italian recipes, fresh Greek milk and fresh seasonal fruits.

The laboratory of Cremeria Vienna prepares 140 excellent ice cream flavors that are waiting for you to enjoy them fresh in our recently restored and comfortable space.

The fresh Italian daily ice cream of Cremeria Vienna challenges you for new refreshing and high quality taste challenges.

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